About us

Honey-Can-Do is a manufacturing company specialising in home storage, organisation and garment care products.


Managed and owned by consumer-products professionals, Honey-Can-Do responds quickly to the changing marketplace facing our customers. We combine our shared expertise in Asian manufacturing and supply chain with innovative design, quality lean manufacturing and a passion for customer service. Our goal is to produce stylish home storage and organization products at a great value.


At Honey-Can-Do, being eco-friendly is ingrained in our corporate culture. Our North American location has been extensively renovated with green upgrades including compact fluorescent lighting throughout the facility, a phone and security system utilizing power over Ethernet and a comprehensive recycling program. We are currently exploring carbon-neutral programs for our corporate affairs. When researching products and business partners, sustainability and globally ethical standards are at the forefront of our research and development. We are continually striving to incorporate sustainable materials in our products along with ways to reduce the materials in our packaging.


Honey-Can-Do provides focused, specialized customer service, responding quickly and efficiently to any of our customer and partner needs. With Honey-Can-Do, every person in the company is an empowered decision-maker. You know what is best for your company and we’re here to do just that. There’s no bureaucracy to muddle through and all the executives, including the owner, are readily accessible. At Honey-Can-Do, we are flexible in dealing with situations and use common sense. Every decision we make is with the long-term success of the company and our customers in mind.


Honey-Can-Do manufactures products in Asia and North America utilizing our own facilities, joint partnerships and pre-qualified subcontractors. Using an extensive process, we carefully monitor quality control, safety standards and social compliance. Our quality control methods are based on Six Sigma philosophy to ensure each product, its packaging, and every shipment is correct. In addition to the QC procedures implemented during the manufacturing process, we employ a team of QC inspectors who scrutinize every order. Reporting to an in-house but independent manager, our inspectors check each shipment from the factory to ensure our high standards are met. Because of these stringent quality control methods, Honey-Can-Do confidently offers a limited lifetime warranty on every product we make.