Portable Clothes Lines

Make Clothes Drying in Australia Easy with the Right Portable Rack

Increased electricity and gas use in the winter months makes your bills particularly draining on the hip pocket. While you may be trying to cut costs here and there by avoiding the dryer, any family knows the struggle of trying to dry your clothing when there seems to be a constant downpour outside. When your outdoor clothesline is inundated by poor conditions, it may be time to invest in an indoor clothes drying rack.

Select from a range of options that offer you:

  • multiple hanging levels,
  • varying surface areas,
  • convenient folding action,
  • a variety of hanging options.

Partner your rack with laundry baskets and a fold away iron board to completely stock your laundry.

An environmental folding clothes line option

Electrical dryers are notorious for draining heavily on your electrical systems and for having relatively low energy star ratings within Australia. Air drying helps to decrease your reliance on these convenient machines, whilst also doing your part for the environment. A portable folding clothes line can be the solution to reducing your energy use as well as providing you with an environmentally friendly way to air dry your clothing during the cooler months.

Enjoy the advantages of a portable rotary clothes line

Primarily designed for indoor use, these drying options are also an ideal companion to any camping group. A two week camping trip across the Australian outback may sound like a great idea, until you start to run low on clean clothes. A small and portable rotary clothes line can help air out the kid’s bathers and any other clothes that may be a little damp or require a wash. While tying a rope between two trees may seem like the best option, a small clothes drying rack can even be used within the tent, adding that extra bit of security from prying eyes in the grounds.  

Purchase a portable folding clothes line from a trusted manufacturer

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