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Doing the washing is one of those inevitable tasks that we all have to endure. However, what we can avoid is a cluttered space and unsorted clothing. Honey-Can-Do stock a range of handy laundry baskets online to help you keep your clothing tidy. Add a few small baskets to the inside of your wardrobe to sort your dirty clothing into delicates, whites and colours. Alternatively, place large cane laundry baskets in the bedrooms and bathrooms to conveniently collect all your dirty washing. Whatever way you want to sort and store your clean and dirty clothing, we have a wide range of options on offer.

Our range of items includes:

  • Colourful portable laundry totes
  • Bamboo laundry hampers
  • Compact fold up laundry hampers
  • Multiple compartment laundry hampers


Whether you simply want to tidy up your wardrobe, or you want to implement a new storage system into your laundry operations, Honey-Can-Do have a variety of useful options. With shipping Australia wide, why wouldn’t you purchase your baskets and storage items online?

Australia’s trusted laundry storage specialists

We believe in helping our customers make the most of their space within the home. All of our products are manufactured with the user in mind. We ensure that all quality control measures are adhered to so that you can trust each one of our products. If that isn’t enough, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of the products we make. Each product we create is designed to be stylish as well as practical. You don’t want your storage solutions to be garish and overbearing in design, but rather items that help you utilise your space with minimal effect on the décor of your home.

Along with our cane laundry baskets, we offer customers across Australia with access to a variety of home space saving and storage solutions. Our portable clothes drying racks and fold away ironing boards are just some of the other products we provide to help you keep your home and laundry in order.

Organise your space today

Browse our products and select the items that best suit your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff by calling (02) 9698 3588.


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